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0-26.2 in 27 Days – How I Trained For a Marathon in 1 Month

Patrick Hitches MarathonDo you envision crossing the finish line to your very own 26.2 mile race? Do you dread the 5 to 6 months recommended to prepare for the marathon?
I hear your call to the non-running Gods. Taking long runs on my weekends for close to half a year doesn’t exactly sound enticing in my book. Not to mention the detrimental impact that much running could have on the body.

(ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to popular demand, I’ve been working on a 2 Month Marathon program! Once I polish it off, I’m going to release it to 100 people. If you want to be the first to know, you’ll want to fill this out.)

With the insight and programing of IronMan stud, Boston marathon qualifier and ultramarathoner Jaques Tisne, I executed what is potentially the most ridiculous 27 day marathon training program ever dreamed up. I literally went from a running base of zero to a full marathon in just 27 days. In the last 5 years I may have ran a TOTAL of 10 miles. That’s an average of 2 miles a year. No exaggeration. Running has had absolutely no part in my training program. I consistently tell clients that unless you have goals to run races, there are plenty of other options to train the cardio energy system that have significantly less impact and detriment on the body.

But if you’re looking to run a marathon, obviously you need to actually run. If you would rather run 26.2 miles in the other direction at the mere thought of training for 5-6 months to a marathon, you’re in good company. With a little bit of crazy and a lot of strategy and drive, I give you the 27 Days to Marathon!

Warning: I highly do NOT recommend you attempt this training program. Unless you’re both crazy and even more crazy, then feel free to give it a whirl. Walking the fine line of pushing the limits and body injury was a constant throughout this entire process. Again, I do NOT recommend this in any way. This is simply an insight into what I did to make this marathon a reality.

Background On Me

4 Reasons I should NOT have completed the race:

  1. Haven’t ran consistently in 10+ years. Even then, I would typically run 2 miles.
  2. I was 1 1/2 months into a “bulk” and was 25lbs overweight when I started the training. Timing wasn’t on my side :).
  3. I’ve only ran 3 races in my life and I was in 7th grade for the first and 9th for the other 2. 10K being the longest.
  4. I train my body to move weight and be aesthetically fit, NOT to run.

4 Reasons why it’s no surprise I finished:

  1. I’m a bit crazy.
  2. Putting myself through extreme situations has become commonplace in my life. (ie. bodybuilding, hiking 14ers in CO, 16 months in a warzone, walking 300 miles down the east coast, etc)
  3. When I put my mind to something, it eventually happens. Not always right away, but eventually it will happen.
  4. And lastly, again, I’m a little bit on the crazy side.

The 27 Day Marathon Training Program

jpeg of Original Training Sheet

Day of Training The Plan What I Executed Style of Cardio
Week 1
Day 1 5 Mile Easy Run 5 Miles Easy Recovery Run
Day 2 8 x 800’s 6 x 800’s Speed: Track Work
Day 3 8 Miles 5 Mile Tread Mill Moderate Distance @ Aerobic Intensity
Day 4 10 Miles Took Off Tempo
Day 5 Off Off Off
Day 6 1 HR X Train 45 Min Spinning X Train @ Aerobic Intensity
Day 7 20 Miles 14 Miles Long Run
Week 2
Day 8 6 Miles Took Off Easy Recovery Run
Day 9 10 x 800’s (Yasso) 45 Min Spinning Speed: Track Work
Day 10 10 Miles 10 x 800’s (Yasso) Moderate Distance @ Aerobic Intensity
Day 11 13 Miles 7 Miles Tempo
Day 12 Off Off Off
Day 13 1 Hr X Train 1 Hr Spinning X Train @ Aerobic Intensity
Day 14 22 Miles 16 Miles Long Run
Week 3
Day 15 5 Miles Took Off Easy Recovery Run
Day 16 5 x 1 Mile Took Off Speed: Track Work
Day 17 6 Miles 5 x 1 Mile Moderate Distance @ Aerobic Intensity
Day 18 8 Miles 7 Miles Tempo
Day 19 Off Off Off
Day 20 1 Hr 1 Hr Spinning 1 Hr Spinning
Day 21 15 Miles Took Off Long Run
Week 4
Day 22 5 Miles 5 Miles Easy Recovery Run
Day 23 Off Off Off
Day 24 5 Miles Off Moderate Distance @ Aerobic Intensity
Day 25 6 Miles 3 Miles Tempo
Day 26 Off Off Off
Day 27 Off Off Off
Day 28 26.2 Mile Run!!! 26.2 Miles!!! 4:49:46 RACE DAY!!!

Listening To My Body

The deviation from the original plan had EVERYTHING to do with listening to my body and taking rest when needed. I took quite many ice baths, rubbed myself down in traumeel and rolled my body out on the foam roller daily. I also spent some quality time with a fellow trainer who specialized in Pilates. All necessary to keep my body limber through prehab and rehab while flirting with achilles breakdown and hip malfunction. In all honesty, my body was a mess the entire month!

The Resistance Training

Contrary to what may be considered appropriate, I didn’t deviate from my weight training at all. 1-2 hour Olympic weightlifting 3 days a week was consistent through week 3 of marathon training. Even with the quad blasting style this style of training imposes, I didn’t want to lose any of the gains I had made in the previous months… So obviously, I just tossed the marathon training in addition to the norm of my weight training :). The week of the race I backed off the weights and focused on recovery for race day.

Looking Back

There isn’t much I would have done differently. The key to succeeding in this training was understanding how far I could push my bodies limit and knowing when to pull back on the reigns. Teetering the fine line of pretending to be a badass and becoming a marathoning casualty was an every day reality.

I finished the Marine Corp Marathon in 4:49:46. Not the fastest time by any means, but I finished. I can cross it off the impossible list and move forward with the other wild things I want to do with my life.

What Should You Do?

No matter what you do, get after it. Life is too short to let slip away and all you’ve accomplished was 40 years of working for the man. Make your goals and dreams the number 1 priority. No one else is going to ensure you do the things you want to do other than the person you see in the mirror. At the end of your life you can only hold yourself accountable for the things you did or did not do. So get after it!

***ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to popular demand, I’ve brought on a marathon coach to give you solid insights on how to crush marathons with ease! We have a full fledged training program nearly ready to do. Once it’s polished off, we’ll let you know. If you want to be the first to know, fill out the form below!

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  1. Congrats Patrick!

    That’s a little crazy indeed. Biggest issue I have with running more than 5+ miles is that I lose it mentally — Mental chatter dominates the movement of my muscles and I decide to take the easy road 🙂

    But 26.2 ? I will certainly give you a call when that day arrives. Good job though!

    Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    • Dilanka –

      Definitely hit me up when/if you decide to dive in full go to marathon. It was literally 1 mile at a time and up to race day the furthest I went was 16 miles.

      Technique, focus, strategy and most importantly the desire to push through the pain… That’s all it takes. Then you can cross it off the list! 🙂


  2. Stumbled across your blog when searching for a 30 day marathon training program. I’m running the full in Seattle in 29 days, and am a runner, but haven’t gone further than 15 miles before! I’ve been slacking on my training (like you said, 6 months of doing long saturday runs isn’t awesome)…but I’m determined to get crazy now! Thanks for the inspiration! I’ll be thinking of this while I’m running (dying).

    • Love to hear it Jessica! Let me be clear and let you know that 27 days to marathon Suuucked… But doable. Definitely roll with the Galloway method and walk for 60 seconds every mile marker. It was a complete reset every mile and made it small incremental goals that were totally doable. And when you hear people say it all hits at mile 17?? They aren’t lying. It’s like a brick wall!

      Good luck and stay in touch!


  3. i found your blog and it inspired me as well. i’ve been trying to follow your calendar/listen to my body as my marathon is november 10th!! i just had a question about the speed/track yasso runs. at what percent would you say you ran these at? thanks!

    • Katie-

      I’m not the running expert by any means (lifting is more my thing), but apparently if you can get 10 800’s in with the same time on all of them (say 4 minutes each), you should finish right at 4 hours. So it’s really whatever pace you can withstand 10 800’s to predict the finish time. If you’re thinking you’re around a 5 hour runner, then try to do 10 800’s at 5 hours etc etc… Here’s a good linksie that I read when I was about to go out and do mine //,7120,s6-238-244-255-624-0,00.html Hope that helps and good luck! 🙂


  4. Hey Patrick I’m going to use your training program myself to prepare for the Rock and Roll Marathon next month. Thanks I’ll post the results and my review of copying your training program.

  5. I’m also a crazy one, rock’n’roll is coming up and traning days are running short so I decided to look for something to help me get set in the right direction. I’ve been doing cross traning but not much on the running part. What are the 10 800s you are talking about. Any other tips you can throw my way will help. Thanks Denise.

  6. Hi Patrick. So glad I found this website. Now I know it is possible! I started training a couple days ago…exactly 18 days prior to the Rock and Roll marathon in June. I ran 10 miles today at a 10 minute pace. Very slow, but after just 2 days of running, it was the best I could do. I felt decent, except for my knee. How long would you recommend my “longest” run be before the race on June 2nd?

    • It’s definitely a TOUGH training regimen and you have to be extremely careful… Not recommended but from my experience, it worked! As for the knee, be sure you’re running on the balls of your feet and do lots of foam rolling and ice baths. I would even see a sports massage therapist every 4-5 days if you can. The only thing I can tell you is that for my longest run, I did 16 miles as my longest run and that was it. I highly encourage the galloway method as it truly allowed a full body reset every mile for that 60 seconds… Hopefully you have a lifetime base more than me as this is definitely a feat to conquer! Good luck and shoot me a comment after to give me an update!


  7. Hi!

    I just ran my first half marathon on Sunday with a time of 01:59, and I’m eager to run the full marathon in a couple of months. Could u explain more how ur actual jog went, going over how ur body parts maintained their integrity (problems with knees, etc) and which kilometers where the worst? Thank u a lot ! 🙂

    • As long as you’re running on the balls of your feet (as you should be) and working for proper body mechanics of a neutral spine, ribs down and breathing into your core region, everything should be fine. Obviously there are lots of variables to take into account including previous injuries, training age, nutrition etc… but if you’re listening to your body it’s really just a matter of getting the miles in and letting your body adapt to the load. And always be doing the “input” work the more working “out” you do. This would include massage, foam rolling, epson salt baths, meditation etc. Hope this helps!

  8. Woot!!!! I did it!!! Today I finished my first ever marathon after just two training runs (one was 5 miles and one was 10 miles.). My goal was to run it under 7 hours (since that was the cutoff), but I finished in 4:29:20. It wasn’t as bad as I thought…at least until mile 20, but once I got to 25, adrenaline was pumping and it carried me through the finish. Thank you for this website…without it, I probably would have just done the half marathon.

    • Love it Lisa! Congrats on the successful run and you did it in under 4:30:00! So happy you went for it and the training article helped in some small way… Keep in touch with your future wild ventures :).


  9. Thank you Partick for posting this amazing article on your marathon achievement!!! 🙂

    I am doing St.Petersburg White Nights marathon June 30 2013 and it’ll help me believe in myself BIG TIME!!! I do have 1 month to train since 1 June and I’ll do it!

    I did start training on time, 12 April though – broke it 9th of May – Achilles tendon :-(. Did many long runs, up to 24 miles, but mainly 15 miles on average did about 5 within that month – lesson learnt, was too much. So I broke the training on the 9th of May, was totally drained with the aching tendon and rested till 1st of June. Was only doing 1 hour twice per week with a personal trainer 3 times a week – that’s it! Felt very tired sleepy, heavy, you name it! Gained about 3 kg within 3 weeks.

    But I got up on the 1st and said to myself – you’ll do it! you have 1 month. So I’m training for it!

    I had done my first marathon in February this year, my time was 3.59:20. Impressive! I could not believe it! I had not trained for it, I just love running.

    So I searched for 1 month marathon training and your article was the gold to find! Thank you very much for sharing!


    • Anastasia,

      Glad you found me! :)… I wish you LOTS of luck as that is a real hurdle with the Achilles. Run on the balls of those feet! … And honestly, I wasn’t even sure if it was going to be doable even day of race. Always listen to your body as the last thing you need is an injury that lasts years if not a lifetime because you wanted something your body wasn’t ready for.

      But get after it and just keep that open mind of listening to your body. I’m worried about your Achilles, but I’m sure you’ll make the right choices each day you train.

      Keep me posted!! 🙂


  10. Wow, that is some achievement!!!
    I was intrigued when I first saw the title, and I have to admit somewhat skeptical. But looking at your training plan I must say you really did achieve something.
    I don’t think can dedicate that much time (I have two small kids), but I might try and spread it out over two or maybe 3 months. This has really given me a boost of confidence.

    • John,

      Definitely NOT the ideal situation in any way to train this quickly. I don’t recommend it at all actually… But it’s pretty wild what the human body can endure and accomplish if you put your mind to it. Obviously there was some training intelligence put behind it but more than anything I listened to my body every step of the way and never tried to push it through an injury situation.

      Best of luck to your running goals and keep in touch with your accomplishments as well!


  11. Hey Patrick,
    Stumbled across your blog post when I was looking for a last min marathon game plan for the Marine Corps Marathon this year (what a coincidence?!). I am slightly insane like you so I will be “winging” the training plan these next 67 days to marathon. If I survive this I’ll def have something to cross off my bucket list. Have fun with the rest of your “impossible list”.

    • Ace,

      Good stuff and you have more than twice the amount of time I had! Totally doable :). Be sure to keep me posted on the results after the marathon. I love hearing the success stories!


  12. crazy does it. you are an inspiration to everyone out there as crazy as you. great idea walking down the coast 300 miles. lots of coasts out there.

    bravo !

    disclaimer…..injury in running is a serious thing that can end running fun for a long time if not forever. building up strength is key. listening to body is key, if it doesnt feel right. stop. itsvall right to rest. change course for a day or two, like bike or swim. resume original plan later. fat people are especially injury prone initially, later as they lose weight they do better.

    • For sure Joe. I agree 100% on the disclaimer. I tried to make that pretty clear that I DON’T recommend this program to anyone. It’s just a template to look at and make adjustments on a need basis!

      Thanks for stopping by though!


  13. Thank you so much for this blog. I ran my first marathon, last weekend, in 4:24 hours. I really enjoy this amazing experience and it’s probably one of the most amazing thing I have been done in my life. This website help me to stay motivate and to believe I am enough crazy to run a marathon.

    • I Love this Vipop! It is indeed a tough venture to get across that finish line. Glad to have been a small part of that!

  14. Thank you for posting this! Due to injuries and wedding planning, I have been behind on my marathon training schedule and freaking out about it. I’m a former college athlete and generally active/not in terrible shape, but not near where I should be with 5 weeks to go before my first marathon. This post has given me hope, and I’ve printed it out as a guideline to kick my own caboose into shape to finish the October 20th marathon. Thank you again! It’s nice to know I’m not crazy for refusing to give up despite the setbacks!

  15. Great post. I did a very similar plan for my first marathon. Finished it will a similar time. It was brutal by mile 19. My longest run was 12 miles. Now I am preparing for my second marathon and am doing pretty much the same plan again. I will top out at 16 miles pre race with 5 weeks of training. It is amazing to see what the body can handle. Definitely not an idea training plan, but it gets the job done. I have been struggling with a knee injury, so running through pain for 1 to 1 and half months is better than 6 months of training pain. Got to do, what you got to do! Thanks for the post!

    • YES Janice … That crazy mile 19. It wasn’t fun at all!

      Would love to hear the update. Hope you made it through injury free…

  16. Patrick!

    THIS. IS. GREAT. I was offered a spot in late August to run in the NYC Marathon on November 3rd. I just ran a half almost 2 weeks ago, and I ran/walked 15 miles last Sunday. It was brutal, but I did it! I felt tired and weak the rest of the day, but then took aspirin before bed and felt like a new man the next day! My knee has been aching a bit, but I plan to wear pads and hydrate properly before and during the race. This plan is going to help me prepare better for the full race. Nice to know that I am not alone in this – Thank you for posting this!! P.S. – I think I’m just as crazy as you for doing this!!! LOL

    • How did it go John?! Hopefully you made it through the training… I know how tough it is!

      And YES you gotta be crazy to attempt such wildness! ha

  17. HI Patrick, I came across your page when I googled “can i run a marathon in 5 weeks”. I ran a half in May and im now in my 6th week of a 20 week training plan for a full. It’s just too long and I just want to get it over with. After reading your page the crazy thouhgt of finishing 26.2 MCM is making me shake and nervous as I’m typing this.. I’m running a half next weekend but never done more that 13 miles. So do you think its possible for me to finish double the distance in just 4 weeks??? maybe i just need to hear it from someone else:-)

    • Sara! Sorry I missed this but hopefully you ramped it up and made it happen?! I would have simply said to listen to your body. That’s the only way you’ll know if you can make it through. The difference between uncomfort and pain is the fine line you walk… Do give updates!

  18. Just wanted to say this post is what motivated me to start training for the Marine Corps Marathon on October 27th. Started a similar plan on Oct 1 and only maxed out at 40 miles during the second week. Finished my first marathon with a time of 3:45.

  19. A proud crazy here and running my first marathon ( 3rd in my bucket list, ticked off my 2nd just less than a month ago – learn to kitesurf and actually be able to get up on board).I’m into Bodybuilding myself. And been an athlete all my life ( Track n Field in Primary School, Volleyball in Highschool, Table Tennis in University). Then Fitness and Bodybuilding after college..

    My lucky stars says this year is my year and that im gonna finish it with a bang so i sign-up up my a*ss at the Shanghai Marathon happening this December 1 and started my training last week and was able to built 35Km, one was 15KM. Reading a lot of articles in RW for tips and training plan but yours is what exactly what I need! So Ill start tomorrow, Race day minus 30. Thanks for this! Ill post my result.

    • Solid! Can’t wait to hear how you do Azalea. Execute the training and be conscious of how your body is responding. It was a hell of a month, but doable- apparently! 🙂

  20. Hey Pat,
    Just updating you…I procrastinated a little more so with just one 10 mile training run under my belt I decided I would gut out the Marine Corps Marathon this past weekend. It was a blast, totally exhausting but very worth while. I’ve taken this week off “training” to re-coup and decide on the next thing to tackle off my bucket list. Good to know there are other crazy people like me out there!!

    • Hey Ace! Great to hear the update! Are you a DC native? I’m actually in NW DC and train in a private studio called evolution. We should grab a cup of coffee if you’re local and hit me with the story of your race!

  21. Pat!

    Yesterday I finished my first marathon in NYC. I followed your training day by day sticking to all the distances of the left column and finished it in 4:03. It was probably the hardest month of my life but it was completely worth it.

    Thx for sharing!


    • So awesome Kintxo! Congrats! And you had a great finishing time too… Very awesome to hear and glad the training plan worked for you!

  22. Amazing and very inspiratonal website. Lots of hidden gems. I have a marathon coming up in 2 months. How can I use this madness of 1 month and stretch it to 2 months? I am highly motivated but need guidance. also, I travel for work, so can you please help me in coming up with a travel nutrition and planning for 2 month plan. Pretty Please!!! I really need help here…I have run half marathons twice in October.

    • Hey Zain,

      Thanks for the question. I am definitely NOT an expert in running but as you can see from the comments thread, many people have used this training program with some solid success. Honestly, I would simply try to go with this plan on a lower tier for the first month. You’ll be much better for it. I wasted the whole first week just getting a base built as I could hardly walk after my first 5 mile run on day one! If you already have a base you’ll be golden!

  23. Patrick!!

    My race went very well! I followed your training and then some, but most importantly, I paced my self during the race. I stopped every mile for my water breaks and was able to keep my pace consistently. However, by mile 19 my feet were on fire, so I was forced to walk most of the last 6-7 miles. The big lesson to be learned here is to begin training in new shoes about a month before – I did not do that.

    Other than that, I survived!! I experienced pain the next few days, but I’ve pretty much bounced back to normal 🙂 it was an experience of a lifetime, and I’d do it again!!

    • So awesome John. Congrats!! And YES on the shoes. An even better idea is to not get new shoes at all. It’s best to have a worn in shoe and not switching mid training at all. Keep with what works.

      Well, you made it through and I’m sure you’re back at it. Keep up the solid work and keep me posted on your future adventures to come!

  24. Patrick,

    I finished the marathon in just over 4 hours, which was actually better than I was expecting! It was a great experience, and although it was not my ideal training program or what I had originally stuck to prior to injury, it was somewhat empowering to discover what my body could do despite my self doubt. I look forward to my future (and hopefully more traditional) training plans, but I am very pleased with how the race turned out 🙂


    • Great job Samantha! You got through and I’m sure you took a lot away from the expedited training regimen. Keep doing awesome stuff and living wildly!

  25. Patrick,

    Starting this gruesome training tommorow as I just found out my best freind has signed me up for a marathon on 28th December!!!

    I can comfortably run for about 1 + 1/2 hours (I did a previous half marathon during the summer) but havent ran seriously since the summer!



    • Good luck Neil! Do keep me posted. From the feedback I have gotten, there has been much success with this layout. Listen to your body and take rest as needed!


  26. You have inspired me…I have run 4 marathons since 2002 but have spent the last year recovering from a pretty serious illness. Thought I was done…March 1 in Phoenix…I’m back on the road! Thanks 🙂

  27. Hey Patrick,
    Awesome job man!
    I stumbled on your website looking for any crazy ideas(the crazy like you that I am) to train for a Marathon in 30 days. I just finished Houston-Aramco Half on sunday practically without any training. Between October 2013 and the race day, I ran 10 miles to complete the 10 for Texas in October, and then I ran a cpl of 3 milers on weekends and a 6 mile one weekend and this was all in December during the holidays. I fell sick with nasty cold and ear infection right over the new years and I thought I’d have to drop out of the race but somehow pulled it through right before it.
    I just wanted to finish the race without any time expectations, just to feed my own ego that I could do it. Like you, I always try to be mentally strong to drive me to the finish. Obviously I did not train like the others for the Marathon and I was not really sure if I should be really doing it without any formal training at all.
    Your article has given me enough motivation to get the hell out there and do it anyway. I will try to incorporate some of your training techniques to see how it goes. Wish me luck!


    • Love this Mahesh! Definitely give the training protocol a whirl as it seems quite a few people are finding success with it as well!

      Let me know how it all turns out. I think you’ll find the template a nice guide to follow, but as I mention many times- listen to your body and do what you know you can handle.

      Good luck and be in touch! 🙂


  28. And oh! I missed to mention, I was referring to the upcoming Woodlands Marathon on March 1st. Lets see how much my body can take this one!

  29. Soooo… my husband just notified me that I am running the Boston Marathon in 28 days. Aaaaah!

    I’m a decent runner, however, I have never gone past a halfer. The last half I did was at a 8:30 pace, so I am hoping I can complete the BM at a 10ish pace. It should be doable?

    Your website and “plan” will be what I try and follow! I have never heard of Yasso 800s, but I suppose I will try them tomorrow 🙂

    I have a 6 yr old and 16 month old old twins that will be at the finish line with my husband, so my goal is to just finish and make them proud! 🙂

    • Jenn,

      VERY exciting! I can assure you that MANY people have followed this outline in the past two years with much success. I didn’t necessarily intend for it to be a training program for others but apparently there are lots of people like yourself looking for something like this! ha

      Listen to your body carefully and don’t be afraid to drop down on the volume laid out. Injury was a fine line the entire month for me but I’m sure with your base, you are in better position to excel. And I am 100% confident that the Galloway was the differentiator between finishing and not finishing.

      Good luck and keep me posted!


  30. So let me get this straight because I’m having problems understanding your workout. We’re you running twice a day, because I just want to make sure before I attempt it.

    • Hey Jim,

      One column was the “plan” and the other was what I actually did.
      Since I had to listen to my body to avoid injury, I had to be severely flexible on cutting out mileage when necessary.

      Hope this helps and good luck! Many people have followed this with great success over the past 2 years.


  31. Hi Patrick,

    Thank you for sharing your program. Im running my first full marathon at the end of April. I did a couple of half marathons but not my fastest. Now im crazy to focus and do my first full using your plan. I need your suggestions on meal plan though. Also what will you do if your legs feel cramping? do you have to take anything or do something. thanks

  32. hi Patrick,
    I being running for about 2 years now, doing 5km, 8km,10km, half marathon, and 30 km around the bay this year…i am registered to do my first full marathon in October , and I feel scare… anyway I am going to start running more often and plannin my training fo my full with 5 months still ahead to do it…
    I am going to do your running training ..and I let you know how i feel.. before i though that i have to run many time 42 km before the race to make sure i am going to make it , but reading your training program look like I am wrong..
    I respect a lot your advice and if you want to share any advices with this humble beginner runner that will be very much appreciate it,.

  33. Used this to help me complete Boston in April successfully 🙂 I would have never been able to or knew where to even begin to prepare in such short notice without this article. I googled 30 days until a marathon and was expecting nothing to show up cause I didn’t think anyone else was crazy enough or even would attempt one in such short time. Everyone told me I needed atleast 5 months of training so I was assuming I wouldn’t find anything on one month. I am running Berlin at the end of this month and though I thought I would have started training way before now summer went by fast and I was distracted so here I am again with this training program. I’ve already ran one marathon how bad can another one be right?!

    • Jillian!

      Love to read this comment. Yes, you are crazy! 🙂 … Hopefully you made it through Boston without any injury as I know it’s a brutal month of training.

      Good luck in Berlin! Let me know if there’s any additional way I can help.


      • Berlin went well, then followed by another Boston and now off to Buenes Aries. I think I’m stuck on your month plan. Hence the other comments; I might want to start on a 2 month or more.

  34. ‘rah! So I woke up this morning and APPARENTLY said “Self, you want to put yourself through hell for the next month and a half”. So what did I do? I registered to run the Marine Corps Marathon Forward (the deployed version). So not only have I pretty much never ran more than just my PFT (3 miles for those that are wondering), I will be running in 110(ish) degree weather…starting at 2:00am…in a combat zone…and haven’t trained one single bit. FML…

  35. hi Patrick ,
    I’m from the Philippines and 53 yrs young, one of my bucket lai is to run 42km n my 50s , I run my first full marathon almost 30yrs ago, am getting classier this time and want to run in the condura marathon on Feb 1, 2015, I will be crazy to use your work out plan, hope it will help me, am a businessman and have so many things in my hands and I hope to finish marathon in less than 5hours… I just finished my insanity work out for 60days and hope it will help me run my 42km n my 54th year, will kip you posted… All the best

  36. Hey hi,
    I am suffering from cercical spondilysis, and muscle spasm
    But i hd made up my mind and will be running a 12 mile marathon in the next 20 days and will start training now
    3 kgs overweight no strength at all had to leave my work outs
    But i am crazy and determined enough to run it and will post my completion pic

  37. Love this blog. I’m 2 months away from my first full marathon and this has helped me not feel so worried. I’m starting long runs this week and a little nervous but determined to cross the finish line. Starr

  38. I am running the MCM in less than 30 days. I have done some running and have run several 10 milers as well as a few halves. I know I can do the distance but with the “beat the bridge requirement” and all of the uphill comments for the first 8 miles, I am wondering if I will make it. Your page has been anwesome, and I know above all as a retired soldier that I need to be mentally tough. Thanks for posting the information!!

  39. Just signed on today! You are a beast! Your 27 day program is legendary but not sure I’m up for the challenge. I am pretty determined and looking forward to your two month month marathon plan.

    • ha! Thanks David! It’s definitely a beast of a training program that I really don’t recommend to be honest. It was more of a documentation if nothing else :).

  40. I have always been athletic so when I decided to run my first 13.1 I knew that if could run 6, I could run 13.1 and I did. Mentally though running for 4 – 5 hours is a bit daunting to me, but I am there and I’m ready. I run 6 a day and then run any where from 9 – 15 on a given weekend. Come race day October 23 (Coleville) I’m just going to do it. I have a bit of crazy in me to. I know though that running with everyone else will keep me going. Mind over matter.