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30 Day Marathon Training Program – Day 1

30 Day Marathon Training Program

Warning: This training regimen is ridiculous and over the top. I strongly encourage you to NOT give this insanity a try. Quite possibly the surest fail of my life. Could be impossible. (Joel will approve though)

The 5:30AM alarm sounded and I could actually feel my calves pounding in pain through the bed sheets. I sat up to the bedside and could hardly flex my ankle to stride into the first steps of the day. Sitting up and bracing my body with my hands to the bed, I pushed into a standing position. I could hear the screaming cries of muscle fibers from my quads pleading for mercy. My body was hurtin’ and for good reason.

Yesterday marked the beginning of my 30 Day Marathon Training Program and this is the documented story of what I’m doing to train, fuel, recover and mentally cope.

Why 30 days?

Yesterday was like any other Monday morning as I trained a few clients and began my prep for the brutality of the 2 hour OLY lifting session with my training partner and crime, Jack Tisne. Jack isn’t someone you would categorize as normal or even athletic for that matter. He’s a physical specimen who tackles the IronMan in 10 ½ hours, crossing the finish 120th out of thousands. He runs marathons for fun and somehow manages to move iron as if he were born to do nothing else. He’s been a trainer for more than a decade and from stories I hear, he left the womb with a chiseled six pack. Under the barbell, we beat our bodies down so hard you would think we were being punished for traitorous crimes. Some of the hardest lifting in my life to date. I love it. Anyways… his brother decided recently that he was backing out of the DC Marine Corp Marathon at the end of October and his bib is for the taking. It went a little something like this:

Jack: How much running have you been doing, Patrick?
Me: Running? None, none at all.
Jack: Do you want to do a marathon at the end of the month?
Me: Uh, well… give me some details.

And it began.

I’ve ran a grand total of maybe 10 miles in the past 3 years. Running and a chiseled body just don’t mesh well. I’ve avoided it like the plague and to say I’m started at a running base of zero is surely no exaggeration. In addition to the lagging conditioned body, I am one of those bulking/cutting types who go buck wild in my building season. This just so happens to be a month and a half into bulking season and I’m a good 20’ish pounds heavier than my norm. I’ll be straight up honest, I’m fat. Yes, I put on some muscle, but when I bulk I’m one of those who do food challenges and clean out off the buffet line. I love to eat food nearly as much as I crave my workouts. And since I have all the tools and know how to strip the body fat after the extreme bulking, I embrace the gorge fest and use it as an ally to continue building an incredible body year in and year out.

But here I am, fat and diving into a 30 day marathon training program. A combination of sure disaster, yet a challenge I take on with open arms. To be straight up honest with myself, it’s not even 30 days… It was 27 from yesterday to be exact, but to ease my mind I’m giving it a flat 30 to make it a bit more doable mentally.

The Training

Anaerobic – 2 hours of OLY lifting. Snatch Balanace. Cleans. Back Squats. Snatch Pulls. Good Mornings. Turkish Get Ups.

Aerobic – 5 mile run (47 mins)


16 oz Naked Juice and 1 cup of Greek Yogurt Smoothie
8 Egg Whites, 1 cup Oatmeal
Muslce Milk & Gatorade
Large Mandarine Chicken Salad – 20 oz Lemonade/Iced Tea Drink
1 large crab cake, 1 cup of rice
Large Chicken Shawarma, Large Salad with Potatoe wedges
½ Philly Chicken Sandwhich
6 Slices Large Barbecue Chicken Sandwhich

~ Calories = A crapload (is that an actual word?)

Prehab Work

30 Min of stretching
3 – 10 min sessions of foam rolling
Rub Traumeel Ointment on quads and calves (helps alleviate muscular pain)

Wrapping it up

Welp, off to go buy some bodyglide and running tights to help alleviate some of this chauffage going on. I sense an ice bath in my near future after today’s upcoming speed work.

I’ll be writing of my progress and pitfalls daily, so feel free to check back through the month and keep a tally on whether this 30 day marathon training program will actually succeed.

Wish me luck! 🙂



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  1. Nice! Keep it up Patrick. I can still remember my first run after years of not running. It was January of 2009. I strapped on my heart rate monitor and headed off for three miles (which is normally easy for me in leaner times) and my hear rate went from 70bpm to 156bpm in one block! I was hurting the next day and I thought I would have a heart-attack! Luckily, I survived to do it a few days later.

    Good luck bro! Keep killin’ it!

    • And now you’re breaking PR’s left and right! 🙂

      I’m following the plan of action as closely as possible. It’s been brutal on the body and I’m overcoming some Achilles issues right now. A couple more weeks of hard running and off I go to rock the full 26.2. Getting after it!

      We will rally here soon on the pavement for sure…