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Carefree Timelessness

merry go roundLearning to play again…

As a kid, could you imagine someone telling you “let’s learn how to play”?

You wouldn’t even understand the concept. Running around with no regard for tomorrow was the only way to live.

At some point we begin to adopt a mindset of preparing for the future. Always striving to better our current circumstances and growing towards the next phase in life.

But something happens. Somewhere along the line there was a disconnect. The growth and building of tomorrow begins to overshadow the carefree play of today. The concept we lost is something called carefree timelessness.

As I walked about my city of Washington D.C. this morning I aimed to clear my mind and allow some of the dust to settle from my current project overload. What surfaced was the idea of carefree timelessness – a concept I first heard in 2001 from a speaker, Matthew Kelly, who came to my high school sharing his thoughts.

How do we regain the feeling of floating through life without a care when there are real stresses and responsibilities as adults?

I don’t have all the answers as I’m obviously on that journey, but I do know this – nothing in life is worth consuming your everyday existence. There’s nothing of worth inside a cubicle and surely nothing is worth losing your given right to live with carefree timelessness.

It’s about focusing life towards stripping away and simplicity rather than accumulation and abundance. To become richer we should live as if we’re poorer.

To harness carefree timelessness we need less, not more.



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