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Sleeping is the greatest of all activities. It may very well top eating pizza and drinking ice cold beers on a hot summers day.

Since I can remember, I’ve laid down to a mid days slumber nearly every day. Anywhere from 30 second naps to 3 hours. Whatever and wherever duty called, I laid my ass out and passed out within minutes.

Recent months I’ve been struggling through my days. And when I say struggle, I mean absolutely dying from the inside out. Throwing one cup of coffee after the next down the hatch to power through the mid day drudge.

Most of this stemming from my schedule with training clients in the part of my business that requires me to be face to face. I love training and I love my clients but having sessions at 5 or 6AM and ending the night as late as 9:30PM catches up with the best of us.

I hit a breaking point and I needed change. That time has come and I’m doing what I’ve coined The Great Sleep Experiment!

What is The Great Sleep Experiment?

Well, after casually reading and hearing that humans are actually hardwired for two separate sleep cycles during any 24 hour period, I started to consider this option.

At this point I’ve done virtually zero reading on the research or science behind what is called “segmented sleeping”, but I’m doing what seems to make sense for me in my life.

I’ll be documenting the next 30 days on my experiment with how I feel, how it’s affecting my life, the pros and cons on this day structure etc.

Here’s what it looks like:

Sleep 1am-5am
Awake 5am-12pm
Sleep 12pm-4pm
Awake 4pm-1am

Today was Day 1.

I figured it would be near impossible to get the full 4 hour block during the day since I didn’t really hold back on my sleep last night… I was wrong. I slept like a fricken’ rock! Holy F did it feel amazing.

I’ve never felt so good in my evening training sessions. I found myself singing in the shower and dancing in the living room late night. Usually I’m an angry, moody biatch.

Things are looking good.

More tomorrow!



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  1. Hey Pat,
    I’m a fellow fan of naps and I will often schedule in a nap on a day I know will be a long one or just on my recovery day from a heavy lifting day (the less the body has to multi-task with other functions like eating and being humanly to others the more it can focus on recovery). I started doing this in college when I was working three jobs, on a collegiate team and going to school full time (I slept anytime I had a spare 30 secs). As of late I find it helps greatly reduce DOMS especially after a “legs day”. We are not alone some of the most famous inventors and genius type people were known for napping anywhere between 30secs and 4 hours daily, and there are whole countries who have parts of their days set aside for a national rest period. Have fun with your sleep study and have a great Turkey Day!