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Franco Columbo

The Gym. Embrace the Intimidation.

A place of intimidation and motivation wrapped up in a one. To the beginner it seems like a world of endless questions that will never be answered. Yet, like all things in life, it’s doable. With a little motivation, consistency and drive to seek out the truth to attaining results, anyone can achieve the body of their dreams. There’s no magic pill, there’s no easy way out. There are only fundamental truths to understand, and once these are embraced all will fall into place. I assume that is why you’re reading this now. To find the answers and to enjoy life all in the same.

I’ve made it my goal to answer these questions and to leave no stone unturned for anyone truly wanting real results.  If you’re looking to get on stage, there’s much more to the depths of strategy and details. I know the path and I’ve lived that path. It’s no way to live a day to day unless you have specific goals to do so. Here and now, we’re about eating like kings, feeling on top of the world and enjoying all life has to offer. Get educated, and walk through the doors of your gym with confidence and motivation as you prepare for change. Provide yourself with all the tools necessary to allow for a smooth transition from overweight and average to lean and svelte. The beginnings can be humbling, yet anything worth accomplishing is ever easy. Submerge yourself in the trenches and surround yourself with the energy and life focus to succeed. Put on a set of head phones and embrace the sweat.

Get after it,


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    • Ant,

      Appreciate the visit … I’ll keep my eyes peeled on your site as well. I’m liking your mission statement as you push to put out solid and worthy content to enjoy. And coming from the Uk I expect big things! 🙂