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Watch SCALESMASH on YouTube Post by Mike Tenoever. Scale Smash is a movement to break free of the imprisonment that is the scale. This is 1 of 6 challenges in the Healthy Human Academy (http://HealthyHumanHQ.com) where our students learn … [Read More...]

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Carefree Timelessness

Learning to play again... As a kid, could you imagine someone telling you “let’s learn how to play”? You wouldn’t even understand the concept. Running around with no regard for tomorrow was the only way to live. At some point we begin to adopt a … [Read More...]


Worst Case Scenario

It’s human instinct to reminisce on the past with a glorified version of reality. We view our earlier years as the glory days and wonder often what has become of our lives. It’s also natural to be optimistic that life will always get better. The … [Read More...]